machine making paper cup bowl container lid cover box package


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CO : FeeNoT Green Pack Technical Group
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WanQuan-325409, PingYang, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China;

Contact: Mr. Damond FeeNoT (SLeon Chen)
Mob: 0086 153 5591 9299

Near Station: RuiAn station, PingYang Station,
Near Airport: WenZhou Airport

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Contact: Mr. Damond FeeNoT ( Chinese: Chen SiLiang)
Mob: 0086 153 5591 9299  (whatsapp/wechat)
QQ: 853962000 , 853962000

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  1. FeeNoT.Com 2015/12/17 at 02:08:31

    want to buy paper cup machine, what’s the price?

  2. FeeNoT 2022/05/18 at 15:04:50

    want to buy paper lid machine,
    what size cups top?
    what paper will be used?
    want paper lid film packing machine?
    what’s the price and cost?

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