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PE coated paper new tech

  • PE coated paper
  • Range: 150~350gsm,
  • PE Range: 100~25gsm,
  • One side PE film coated paper,
  • Two side PE film coated paper,
  • PE film coated paper roll,
  • PE film coated paper sheet,
  • Logo printed paper cup stock blank,
  • Application: paper cup bowl container box,
  • Application: paper lid cover cap dish tray,
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Food greade PE coated paper factory video

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Paper cup material is PE Film Coated Paper (PE Film Laminated Paper);
Make Paper Cups, Paper bowl, Paper bucket, Noodle box, Paper Lunch box, etc, the raw material is PE film coated paper.

How to use PE film coated paper to make paper cups?
When Heating or Ultrasonic Wave is applied on PE film,
the PE film melted (by heating or ultrasonic wave),
then the melt part be welding(sealing) by PRESS.

Mark & information

One (single) PE coated paper cup, Popular for hot drink cups;
Two (double) PE coated paper cup, Popular for cold drink cups;

If use one PE paper cup for cold drink, the cup will become soft;
However One PE cup also can be used for cold drinks, if only use for a short time.

PE coated paper specification

  • Paper Cup Material Name: PE/PLA film coated/laminated paper ;
  • PE: Polyethylene;
  • PLA: Polylactide / Polylactic acid , full-biodegrable material, cost more than PE paper,
  • Material Type: 

    One(single) side PE coated paper,

    Two(double) side PE coated paper;
  • One (single) side PE coated paper: PE film laminated on one-side of the paper;

    the paper cup inside-surface is PE film laminated;
  • Two (double) side PE coated paper: PE film laminated on both-side of the paper,

    the paper cup both side surface are PE film laminated;
  • Paper weight: 150~450gsm (g/m2, , gram per square meter);
  • PE weight: 10~24gsm ((g/m2, , how many PE film laminated on 1 square meter paper);
  • One PE paper weight: Paper + PE  (250 + 15PE, we name it 250gsm or 265gsm) ;
  • Two PE paper weight: PE + Paper + PE ( 12PE + 250 + 15PE, etc);
  • Application: paper cup bowl container lid cover box tray dish;

Remark of PE coated paper

  • Payment Term: T/T payment (30% deposit, 70% before delivery). ** The buyer is welcomed to test machine before delivery.
  • Delivery Time: 10~50 working days at sight the deposit. (actual delivery time given while order confirm)
  • Package: Standard export package. (need special package, please info us in advance).
  • Warranty: One year from the equipment arrival.

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