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Plastic Container Tray Box Plastic Thermoforming Machine

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QH-420 Plastic Container Forming Machine Video

QH-420 Plastic Container Forming Machine Decsription:>

Automatic Lid Forming machine is designed and created by us , with the demand of medical Industry’s ‘GMP’ and food Industry ‘s ‘QS’ Standards.

It’s a new type  that combines advantages of several types of main forming machines and adds improvement and innovation .The machine can synchronous complete of production for forming Punching and blanking .

It avoids the cross-contamination of products during the forming artificial punching and artificial blanking. so that  the production process of our  machine is fully in accordance with ‘GMP’, as well as ‘QS’ requirements .

The Special forming  equipment and the special blanking equipment  of  machine can save electricity , all these can saving the costs of production. It’s widely used in the medicine plastic tray, PET/PS/PVS and other plastic products etc. The machine has beautiful appearance, concession price, convenient operation and humanized manufacturing, and it is deeply favored by users from home and abroad.

QH-420 Plastic Container Forming Machine Main Feature

  • Compact structure, Stable movement, Easy operation and maintenance;
  • Step-less frequency speed changing, PC electric control panel;
  • Move-stroke adjustable, Mold exchangeable;
  • Robot clamp-pull feeding, Accurate and reliable Synchronization;
  • Applicable Object: plastic tray, cup, container for food, hardware, pharmaceutical, etc.
  • Available to make the mold against customer requirement.

Technical Specification

Name Plastic Lid Forming Machine
HS.CODE: 8477800000
One Line (standard) QH-420 Three Line (or big size) QH-420S
Max Forming Area: 410 x 150 mm 410 x 320 mm
Material: 0.15~0.55mm (HIPS, PET, PS, PVS, PVC, etc) plastic reel film;
Film Width: Max Reel Width: 430 mm
Punching Speed: 8~32 beats/minute 8~30 beats/minute
Max Forming Depth: 30~55 mm 55mm
Move Stroke Rage: 30~160 mm
Power: 4.6KW 6KW
Power Source: 380V 3-phase 50Hz, or other (power different, info us in advance)
Weight: GW/NW: 1000KG/800KG 1200KG/1000KG
Pack Size: 2300 x 1000 x 1900 mm 2450 x100 x 2000
Need Water Source: Water Pressure: 0.2MPA;  Water-Input: 0.3 m³/Hour
Need Air Source: Air Pressure: 0.5~0.7 MPA;Air Input: ≥0.2 m³/minute Need to buy Air Compressor


Parts List and Brand

1 Relay+MY2NJ-DC24V+base 11 OMRON
2 Relay+MY2NJ-AC220V+base 1 OMRON
3 AC contactor+ CJX2-1810 1 CHINT
4 Solid-state Relay SSR-25DA 2 AOYI
5 Computer board 1 Local
6 Temperature controller XMTG3000 2 AISET
7 Integrated circuit (IC)XMT9081 2 YUYAO made
8 Button 2 YUEQING made
9 STOP button 1 YUEQIONG made
10 Proximity switch 6 WENZHOU made
11 Pilot relay DZ47-3P-C40 1 HUYU
12 Pilot relay DZ47-1P-C16 2 HUYU
13 Pilot relay DZ47-1P-C25 1 HUYU
14 Pilot relay DZ47-1P-C6 1 HUYU
15 Power switch S-50-24 1 (TAIWAN) MEAN WELL
16 Thin cylinder 3 KAOGEER
17 Double rod cylinder 1 KAOGEER
18 Standard cylinder with adjustable stork 1 KAOGEER
19 Thin cylinder with adjustable stroke 2 KAOGEER
20 Positioning cylinder 2 KAOGEER
21 Mini cylinder 1 KAOGEER
22 Electromagnetic Valve 7 (TAIWAN) AIRTAC
23 Main motor 1.5 KW 1 LICHAO
24 Speed reducer 100 type 1 JIE PAI
25 AC Drive 1.5 KW 1 INVT


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