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Feenot paper cup lid making machine

Opem Can Paper Cup Machine ZBJ-OC12

  • Open Cam Paper Cup Machine,
  • Speed: 70~90 PCS/minute,
  • Material: One or Two side PE coated paper,
  • Paper: 200~350gsm,
  • Size: 3~16oz,

ZBJ-OC12 Open Cam Paper cup Machine Video:


ZBJ-OC12 Open Cam Paper cup Machine Description:

ZBJ-OC12 Open Cam Paper Cup Machine improved on our hot sale ZBJ-X12 model machine,

Absorb the High speed machine and medium speed machine advantage, more reliable and durable, competitive price.

ZBJ-OC12 Paper Cup Machine Main improved:

  • Adopt Open Cam (8-divide) for the dividing moving, compare with index gear box, easy maintenance, stable and reliable, easy replace broken parts.
  • Main mechanism and movement control by quality gears, which is more efficient than chain and axis.
  • Only ONE main turntable, more efficient and reliable.
  • Bottom disk straight punched and send to the cup body , less wastage and precision.
  • Robot straight lift the cup body to main mold.
  • Servo motor control the bottom disk, precision and reliable.
  • Working power only 3.5KW, save power cost.
  • Automatic Oil Lubrication system, long life time.
  • All procedure sensor detect (sensors control all steps), Less wastage & fault, Reliable.
  • HMI & PLC Program computer control, easy operate, fault auto-stop and easy solution.
  • Quality electronic parts, bearing, material, machine life long.
  • With cup stacker/collector, one worker can run 2~3 sets machines.
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