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Popcorn Paper Bucket Machine ZBJ-X64

  • Model: ZBJ-X64
  • Customized Popcorn Paper Cup Machine,
  • Machine Price: $25,000/set,
  • Speed: 35~50 PCS/minute,
  • Material: One or Two side PE coated paper,
  • Paper: 200~450gsm,
  • Size: 32~64oz Bucket,

ZBJ-X64 Popcorn Paper Bucket Machine Vdeo:

ZBJ-X64 Popcorn Paper Bucket Machine Picture:

ZBJ-X64-Popcorn-Paper-Cup-Machine, paper bucket machine
ZBJ-X64-Popcorn-Paper-Cup-Machine, paper bucket machine

ZBJ-X64 Popcorn Paper Cup Machine Description:

ZBJ-X64 ultrasonic popcorn paper cup/bucket machine is special designed for making super paper cups (paper bucket), especially for making paper popcorn box.

1, Efficient design, Speed faster than old (20 pcs/m) model .
2, Automatic oil lubricate, machine last long,
3, Stable and durable machine movement.

ZBJ-X64 Popcorn Paper Bucket Machine Details:

  • HS Code: 8441309000
  • Name: ZBJ-X64 Popcorn Paper Bucket Machine
  • Model:ZBJ-X64
  • Rated Speed: 35~50 PCS/minute, (1800~3000 PCS/hour)
  • Paper Cup Size: 32~64oz
  • Raw Material: One or Two side PE film coated paper,Glossy printed paper (varnish printed paper, for popcorn, not care leakage so can use)
  • Suitable paper weight: 200~450 gsm
  • Power Source: 380V 3-phase, 50HZ
  • Total Power: 7KW
  • Working Power: 3.5KW
  • Total Weight: GW/NW: 3100/2900 KG
  • Pack Size (L*W*H): 3150 x 1450 x 2100 mm
  • Working Air Source: Air pressure:0.4Mpa; Air Out-put:0.6m³/minute, User should BUY Air Compressor
  • Cup Side Welding: Ultrasonic System
  • Cup Bottom Heating: Hot air (need air compressor to supply air)
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