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Feenot paper cup lid making machine

Carton Erecting Machine QH-9905

Speed: max 180 pcs/minute
Make: 4 corner box
Boat tray
Paper lunch box,
hamburger box,
Hot Dog Box,


Carton Erecting Machine Video:

Carton Erecting Machine Description:

Carton Erecting Machine (paper box forming machine) is an automatic machine, specialize in making food carton, box, container which are made from cardboard, paper, paperboard, corrugated paper etc.

The food box(carton, container, dish, tray) is widely used as burger box, hot-dog box(tray), one block box, food pail box(Chinese food box, take-away box), fries box(chips box, chips tray), lunch box, meal box, etc.


  • Compact structure, Strong frame, keep the machine reliable and durable with low noise.
  • Hard Plastic-glass cover, Safe and visible for user.
  • Easy exchange molds to make different products, charging and adjusting time is very short.
  • PLC program control the whole line, available to make complicated boxes.
  • Automatic collection, stock, and count.
  • Human being designed control button and panel, more easy and safe runs by user.

Technical Specification

Model: QH-9905 Carton Erecting Machine

Paper box forming machine

Speed: 80~180 box/minute
Max. 180pcs/min; 4-corner box without cover, Boat Shape Box, Boat Tray,
Max. 140pcs/min Fries box (chips box, chips tray):
Max. 120pcs/min Burger box, hot-dog box, Lunch box
Max. 100pcs/min Food pail (DEEP food box):
Welding Method: Water-Glue System Welding;  (all machine equipped Water Glue System)


Available Material: 150~600gsm board, paperboard, paper, corrugated cardboard, Fluted paper, etc.
Material Thickness: Max. 1.5mm
Paper Size:  box-size L=Length: 120~450mm
W=Width: 120~580mm
H=Height: 10~200mm
Angle: 50~300
Power: 5KW,
Power Source: 3-phase, 380V, 50/60Hz,
Machine Size (L*W*H): 3520*1510*1420 Pack Size 3550*1510*1700
Weight: 2000KG;
Air Source: Pressure: 6KG/cm2 ;  (0.6MPa);

Out-put: 200 L/minute ; (0.2~0.4 m3/minute);

User Need To Buy Air Compressor

Available to make machines and molds on user order.

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