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Leader Paper Cover Machine PL-145 Leader

  • # Leader Paper Lid Cover Machine
  • # Speed: 100~120 pcs/minute (PL-145 Leader),
  • # Speed: 70~100 pcs/minute (PL-145),
  • # Lid Diameter: 55~145 mm,
  • # Lid height: 8~15 mm,
  • # Material: same Cup paper (PE/PLA/PBS film coated, or KOTKA paper),
  • # Feed roll paper, full automatic, easy operate,
  • # Usage: cup lid/cover, cheese round box, cover for can,
  • # Single layer paper lid, one layer paper lid, paper cover,
  • # Cheap cost: 90mm paper lid cost around 0.005~0.012USD

PL-145 Leader Paper Lid Machine Video

Video in youtube :

PL-145 Leader Paper Lid Machine Picture

Leader paper cover lid cap machine, cup bowl container paper lid cover cap

Leader paper cover lid cap machine, cup bowl container paper lid cover cap


Model PL-145 Leader PL-145 PL-145 Sheet PL-03 coming soon
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Extra Mold/Tool

PL-145 Leader Paper Lid Machine Specification

Main Specificiation:  HS Code: 8441.30.90

Model PL-145 Leader

Leister hot air


Roll Feed

PL-145 Sheet

Sheet feed

PL-02  make another type of lid

2pcs, inner lock and out-lock

Speed : 80~120 pcs/minute; 60~100 pcs/minute, 40~70 pcs/minute
Lid Diameter: 55~114 mm 50~142 mm 55~115 mm
Lid Height: 7-15mm 6~10 mm
Material: One & Two side PE/PLA/PBS coated paper, glossy coated paper (KOTKA barrier coating paper ).
Paper Weight 35~55 um (0.35~0.55mm, 240~450 gsm), best over 320gsm 0.32~0.55 mm (240~350 gsm )
Total Power : 15 KW; 15 KW; 15 KW
Power Source : 380V 3-Phase 50/60 Hz 380V 3-Phase 50Hz
Total Weight : 3000/3200 KG; 2570/2800 KG 3600 KG
Pack Size(L*W*H) 3450 x 1380 x 2180 3250x1250x2100 2200 x 1600 x 2100
Air Source : Air Pressure: 0.4Mpa,  Air output: 100~300L/minute;
We Reserve the right to alter specifications without prior notice.


PL-145 Leader Paper Lid Machine Bries Description

Brief Introduce:
l PL-145 paper lid machine is our patent machine, which make paper lid, paper cover.

l It’s an automatic machine with the functions:

l Automatic roll paper feed, creasing (make the forming guide line), emboss (can make emboss, logo), hole punch(make hole for straw), punching (punch the roll paper to lid open disc), auto feed disc to mold, heating, folding, knurling, and discharge. With convey and counter for collection.

PL-145 Advantage:
# Patent equipment, (this machine designed and researched by our company only, we do not have other branch company),

# Exclusive, the machine working process, and machine inside mechanism system all by

# Automatic Roll paper feed system (lift/down roller by hydraulic, easy operation, with brake motor feeder, tension controller),

# Auto creasing (guide line, guide the lid side folding in order, not ugly wrinkle),

# Auto emboss (logo or shape on lid top, also make cross cut),

# Auto inline drink nozzle punch (center hole O/X shape, side edge hot drink nozzle, stream out hole),

# Auto punching (punch roll paper to lid open disc, lift to lid mold),

# Lid made by one paper disc, save cost.

# PLC control + servo motor feed paper,

# Quality Open cam + shaft + cam + gear control movement, stable and reliable.

# Automatic oil system,

# Mechanism system full covered in box, avoid dusty and keep safety.

# Easy operation, only need feed roll paper, and collect lids, save labor.

# 24 hours no-stop working allowed (full auto oil system allow machine run 24hours a day).

PL-145 Leader Paper Lid Machine Advantage

Paper Lid Advantage:
# One layer lid, cost cheap, # full automatic, easy operation,

# Easy drink nozzle/hole cut, choose center hole X/O cut or not, make lid for cold & normal drink,

# Inside emboss knurling lock, with paper lock-design, prevent water spread out,

# ECO friendly, use paper material, all world plastic control or banned, will be great market,

# Easy print beautiful artwork on paper lid than plastic lid (especially print together with cup artwork, looks excellent),

# Amazing customize logo print, customize lid print, and excellent match the customize cups,

paper lid difference from plastic lid

Paper Lid Shortage compare with Plastic lid:
# Paper lid can not lock very tightly same as plastic lid,

# Paper lid can not make emboss drink nozzle like plastic lid,

# Paper lid can not be re-used as plastic lid, one time use only,

# Paper lid will be slowly unfolded/open while water into the lid knurling part (some kind of paper),

# 1PE Paper lid will be slowly unfolded by hot stream (need stream out hole cut, and need 2PE/double PE paper for hot),

# Paper lid need quality PE/PLA/PBS film coated paper, Recommend use 2PE paper to make paper lid


paper lid for hot drinks and cold drinks

For lid drink nozzle:
l For drinks, there are drink nozzle for lids, Cold drink nozzle in lid center, hot drink nozzle near lid edge,

l Cold drink lid nozzle, inline make while do creasing, is simple and easy punch in center (make hole or crolss o/+),

BEST DO NOT change paper thickness while lid mold confirmed
# Paper thickness do not change, Paper thickness is important for paper lid,

# Lid mold made against cup top diameter and lid paper thickness,

# Different paper thickness, the gap different, affect the final lid inner diameter, then affect the lid match the cups,

# Paper lid, require the cups top rim in good quality,

PL-145 Leader Paper Lid Machine Story and History

Researching & Improvement history:
1. First get samples for cheese, think of use paper lid instead of plastic, End of 2017

2. Spend almost 1 and a half year in researching this type lid machine,

3. First designed lid machine feed already cut circle paper, running, not perfect, 2017-11,

4. Second design machine feed roll paper, full automatic, 2018-05,

5. Side fold only, not lock the cups well, 2018

6. Make new design for lid lock, make lid lock more tight and water leak-proof, 2019-01

7. Center drink nozzle cut more easy adjust and change,2019.05

8. Inline paper lid pack machine, 2019-10,

9. Stackable lid finish testing, and performance excellent, 2019-11

10. Hot drink coffee nozzle side cut inline, perfect working, 2020-01, (upgrade and more simple cut, 2020-04)

11. PL-145S sheet feed paper lid machine, feed sheet circle blank (already cut circle disc), good for customize logo print, 2019-10,

12. Second version lid, More tight paper lid come to market soon, add another machine to make a tightly lock prevent leakage.
(add another extra machine to make inline with PL-145 machine, make a send lock on right now lid, not affect PL-145 lid machine working,  this researching is designed for KFC supplier)

13. 3rd version paper lid machine, two turn table, logo emboss, and other process will be done inline ( come to market soon).


# Some customer want to feed sheet paper, which can printed by offset printer, more easy for customize print,

# PL-145S paper lid machine (feed sheet paper), the speed slow than roll paper, price $1000 less than roll lid machine.

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