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Paper cup body side sealing mold exchange ZBJ-X12

Paper cup body side sealing mold exchange ZBJ-X12

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While user want to add extra whole set mold,  (cup bottom different, or angle different)
Because cup machine already in customer factory,
This cup mold need to assemble and match the machine,
So the work should be done by customer,

Mark position, Drill, screw, etc.

  • 1, measure the position tongue,  the cup body mold should be the center,
  • 2, put the board, about 5mm (big cup, if very small cup, about 3mm),
  • 3, mold should be parallel (parallel with the mold hold frame),
  • 4, mark the hole position (circle),
  • 5, mark the center,
  • 6, use 8.7mm diameter drill , drill depth around 30mm
  • 7, Screw, M10 , screw depth around 20~25mm
  • Mark: Check your machine, the bolt is what size (M10, M12, or other)

Paper cup body side sealing mold exchange ZBJ-X12

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