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New tech paper lid machine 80s making cup lid

  • paper lid machine 80s
  • Price: $31,000
  • Speed : 60~80 pcs/minute;
  • Lid size: 45~145mm,
  • Height: 8~12 mm,
  • Feed roll paper, auto make lid cover,
  • 10 divide tube barrel cam,
  • 10pcs main mold/tools,
  • Material: 280~320 gsm 1PE & 2PE paper,
  • Application: paper cup lid cover cap,

Video of paper lid machine 80s

Watch paper lid machine 80s operation demo video

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New tech paper lid machine 80s speed 80 pcs/min, making paper lid cover cap for paper cup bowl container,hot cold drinks hot sale plastic free.

Full automatic paper lid cover cap making machine with the functions: Automatic roll paper feed, creasing (make the forming guide line), emboss (can make emboss, logo), hole punch(make hole for straw), punching (punch the roll paper to lid open disc), auto feed disc to mold, heating, folding, knurling, and discharge, with convey and counter for collection, connect to packing machine, full automatic.

It is an ideal paper container forming machine, making paper cup lid cover cap replace plastic, eco friendly, and have large applications.

Carton paper lid cover machine hot sold all over the world, and have gained a good reputation for quality, and well received by the customer.

Application: paper carton lid cover cap for cup bowl container, chips, tubes pack, snacks pack, ice cream cover, cheese cover, a lot of package industry.

Specification of paper lid machine 80s

  • Model: 80S 145,
  • Speed : 60~80 pcs/minute;
  • Lid size: 45~145mm,
  • Height: 8~12 mm,
  • Material: PE/PLA/PBS coated cup paper,
  • Material: plastic free water coated paper (KOTKA barrier coating paper ),
  • Paper Weight: 35~55 um (0.35~0.55mm, 250~450 gsm), best 320gsm,
  • Weight: 2800KG,
  • Pack size: 3250x1250x2100,
  • Total power: 15KW,
  • Power: 380V 3-Phase 50/60 Hz,
  • Air Source : Air Pressure: 0.4Mpa, Air output: 100~300L/minute;
  • We Reserve the right to alter specifications without prior notice.
  • Application: paper lid cover cap for cup bowl container,
  • Applications: cover for chips cheese tubes cake muffin package.

Advantage of paper lid machine 80s

  • PLC+HMI+Servo, high speed, intelligent,
  • one piece/layer paper lid, cost cheaper,
  • feed roll paper, full automatic, less labor,
  • auto creasing, emboss, make the guide line,
  • logo engraved, replace print, save cost,
  • center straw hole cut,
  • side drink hole punch, coffee, cola, juice,
  • auto heating, knurling, make lid,
  • 10 divide tube barrel cam,
  • 10 pcs main mold/tools,
  • 2pcs ceramic hot air heating,
  • auto count, convey,
  • connect LP-450 lid packing machine, full automatic,
  • paper lid packing machine,

Advantage of paper lid cover cap

  • One piece paper lid, cost cheap,
  • feed roll paper, full automatic, easy operation,
  • Easy drink nozzle/hole cut, choose center hole X/O cut or not, make lid for cold & normal drink,
  • Simple side drink hole punch, for coffee tea,
  • Inside emboss knurling lock, with paper lock-design, prevent water spread out,
  • ECO friendly, use paper material, all world plastic control or banned, will be great market,
  • Print beautiful artwork on paper lid more easy than plastic lid (especially print together with cup artwork, looks excellent),
  • Amazing customize logo print, customize lid print, and excellent match the customize cups,

Shortage of paper lid cover cap

  • Paper lid can not lock very tightly same as plastic lid,
  • Carton paper lid cover can not make emboss drink nozzle like plastic lid,
  • Paper cover cap lid can not be re-used as plastic lid, one time use only,
  • The paper lid will be slowly unfolded/open while water into the lid knurling part (some kind of paper),
  • 1PE Paper lid will be slowly unfolded by hot steam (need steam out hole cut, and need 2PE/double PE paper for hot),
  • Quality PE/PLA/PBS film coated paper make quality paper lid/cover, Recommend use 2PE paper to make paper lid

paper lid machine 80s

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