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Feenot paper cup lid making machine

Paper Lid Machine for cup bowl container glass

  • paper lid machine
  • Speed: 60~100 pcs/minute,
  • paper cup lid,
  • paper bowl lid,
  • paper container lid,
  • coffee cup lid,
  • paper lid not plastic,

Paper Lid Machine Video:

Automatic machine make paper lid/cover for cups bowl container glass

Paper Lid Machine Picture:

paper lid machine making paper lid cover for cup bowl container

paper lid machine making paper lid cover for cup bowl container

Paper Lid Machine specification

PL-145 Paper Lid Machine, Price $ (include one set user mold)
Extra mold: $
# Speed: 70~100 pcs/minute,
# Material: PE/PLA coated paper,
# PLC system, 10 Mold, 10 divide OPEN CAM,
# Feed roll paper, automatic emboss, center cross cut, punching,
# Ceromic hot air heating, knurling, forming shape,
# Auto convery, count & stack,
# Automatic oil system,

Paper Lid Advantage:
# One layer lid, cost cheap,
# full automatic, easy operation,
# can choose center cross cut or not, make lid for cold & normal drink,
# with paper shape lock, little prevent water leak,
# ECO friendly, use paper material, all world plastic control or banned, will be great market,
# Easy print beautiful artwork on paper than plastic lid,

Paper Lid Shortage compare with Plastic lid:
# Paper lid can not lock tightly like plastic lid,
# Paper lid can not make drink nozzle like plastic lid,
# Paper lid can not be reused as plastic lid, almost one time use,

Paper Lid Machine price:

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