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70s popcorn paper bowl machine new tech hot

  • 70s popcorn paper bowl machine
  • Price: $27,000,
  • Model: 70S T140 H180,
  • Speed: 50~70 pcs/minute,
  • Top: 75~140 mm,
  • Bottom: 70~120 mm,
  • Height: 70~180 mm,
  • Material: PE/PLA/PBS film coated paper,
  • Application: paper bowl for noodle soup food,
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Watch 70s popcorn paper bowl machine operation demo video

70s popcorn paper cup bowl container machine making tall popcorn paper cup bowl container.

How to make paper bowls? More vidoes on youtube:

New tech 70s popcorn paper bowl machine speed is 70pcs/min, make take away to go paper box, noodle popcorn take away box container, stable & reliable.

It makes paper bowl container after a whole function for example: cup fan suck, cup body ultrasonic sealing, cup body lift to main mold, bottom punch and insert to cup body, bottom pre fold, heating, bottom knurling, cup top curling, discharge, count and pack desk.

First, 70s popcorn paper bowl machine developed on oc12 paper cup machine, which is stable running for over 10 years in market.

Second, from customer report, we improved the machine system, 8 divide tube barrel cam control the 8 mold, reliable, and long life time.

Widely application: ice cream paper cup bowl, soup salad paper bowl container, popcorn bowl box, to go take away food box container.

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specification of 70s popcorn paper bowl machine

  • Model: 70S T140 H180,
  • Speed: 50~70 pcs/minute,
  • Top: 75~140 mm,
  • Bottom: 70~120 mm,
  • Height: 70~180 mm,
  • Material: 150~320 gsm 1PE & 2PE paper,
  • Weight: 3000KG,
  • Machine: 2450x1350x2100mm,
  • Collector: 1500 x 450 x 1350mm,
  • Total power: 15KW (ceramic hot air),
  • Power: 380V 3-Phase 50/60 Hz,
  • Need Air (pressure:0.3~0.5Mpa, Output:300~500 L/m),
  • Application: soup ice cream noodel paper bowl, take away contianer, to go box,

70s popcorn paper bowl machine

Advantage of 70s popcorn paper bowl machine

  • Speed improved from 40 to 80 pcs/min,
  • Open cam easy maintenance compare with index gear box,
  • One Cam (8 divide open cam),
  • 8pcs main mold (steel + aluminium alloy),
  • 25mm Thick Whole steel board structure base,
  • PLC, intelligent control, automatic oil system,
  • Cup wall welding: Ultrasonic,
  • Bowl bottom heating: Ceramic hot air (2pcs 4.4KW),
  • Robot collector or fly collector against cup bowl size,

Service of 70s popcorn paper bowl machine

  • Spare parts guarantee for one year in machine arrival.
  • We offer a 12 months warranty. During the warranty period, we provide free replacement of damaged parts due to quality problems (post charges covered by buyer). All failures/breaking caused by improper operation of the buyer and/or normal abrasion are not within the warranty.
  • Manual, Video, to help operate machine, Questions response within 48 hours (except holiday).
  • FREE: The buyer come to learn how to operate machine, how to adjust, how to change parts. It is free.(buyer should pay for his cost of ticket, hotel, food, etc).
  • The seller agrees to dispatch technician for installation & training, the cost covered by the buyer.
  • Technician overseas Cost include:
  • 1, Mechanic allowance, (for example one machine training 5days, on the way 2days, total 7days, $150*7=$1050).
  • 2, Ticket cost, round ticket cost (different country the cost different),
  • 3, Visa cost, some country need visa cost,

Remark of 70s popcorn paper bowl machine

  • Payment Term: T/T payment (30% deposit, 70% before delivery). ** The buyer is welcomed to test machine before delivery.
  • Delivery Time: 30~50 working days at sight the deposit. (actual delivery time given while order confirm)
  • Package: Standard export package. (need special package, please info us in advance).
  • Warranty: One year from the equipment arrival.
  • Power Source: The power source: 380V 3-Phase, 50/60Hz (R, S, T, N line, please confirm power source before start order).

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