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Feenot paper cup lid making machine

ZBJ-X12 paper cup machine video

ZBJ-X12 Paper cup machine video:

ZBJ-X12 Paper cup machine advance:

  • 1, Gears & Axis control movement, two index gear box, more efficient & accurate.
  • 2, HMI & PLC Program computer control, easy operate, fault auto-stop and easy solution.
  • 3, All procedure sensor detect (11-sensor control all step), Less wastage & fault, Reliable.
  • 4, Self lubrication (Automatic Oil Lubrication for machine moving part), long life time.
  • 5, Import electric Elements, Superior Bearing & Quality material, more durable and reliable.
  • 6, Working power only 3.5KW, save electric power cost.
  • 7, One worker can run 2sets machine (machine assemble cup stock), save labor cost.

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