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GH-990 High Speed Paper Cup Bowl Machine

  • GH-990 High Speed,
  • Paper Cup Bowl Machine,
  • Size 3oz~42oz,
  • Speed Max 150 pcs/m,
  • Make max around 990ml cup/bowl,

GH-990 High Speed Paper Cup Bowl Machine Video

Video in youtube: GH-990 paper cup bowl making machine video

GH-990 High Speed Paper Cup Bowl Machine Specification Specification

Model: GH990
Cup Size: 3oz ~ 42oz (about 990ml)
  Top: 40~125 mm

Bottom: 30~115 mm

Height: 40~136 mm

Speed: 120~150pcs/ minute (Cup);

90 ~110pcs/minute (Bowl),

Raw material: 190~350gsm Coated paper, Single (double ) PE coated paper,
Power Source: 380V, 3-phase, 50Hz
Working Power: 18.5KW
Total Power: 21KW
Need Air: 0.5~0.8Mpa, 0.4 cubic meter per minute,
Machine Size: 2900 × 1380 × 1900 mm (L x W x H);  1200 x 800 x 1800 (collector)
Weight: 5300 KG

GH-990 High Speed Paper Cup Bowl Machine 参数:


尺寸范围: (杯口40~125, 杯底 30~115, 杯高 40~136mm)

生产能力:碗90-110个/分钟, 杯120-150个/分钟


电气规格: 三相380V  18kw(该数据待测试)


设备尺寸:L2900mm X W1380mm x H1800mm



GH-990 High Speed Paper Cup Bowl Machine Machines Parts

Standard: 标配:
(1) Main Cup Machine

(2) Ultrasonic system, 1set,

(3) 3.3KW ceramic hot air, 2pcs

(4) 4.4KW ceramic hot air, 2pcs,

(5) Rejection system 1set (kicking off waste cups during shutdown), Waste cup collection,

(6) Counter + collector (cylinder robot collector),

1. 主机

2. 超声波,

3. 2组3.3kw加热器,

4. 2组4.4kw加热器,

5. 停机自动踢废杯,自动整理废杯装置,

6. 气缸式收杯器



GH-990 High Speed Paper Cup Bowl Machine Parts Extra

Option: 选配:
(1) Detection system (such as cup mouth, cup inner wall, cup inner bottom, cup outer bottom detection, etc., can identify burst, rewind, bottom leakage, damage, deformation, stains and other bad problems, and can automatically remove Defective product),

(2) Fan Feed Device: save time for manual paper feeding

1. 可以选配检测(杯口、杯内壁、杯内侧底、杯外侧底等检测,能够识别爆口、反卷、漏底、破损、变形、污渍等不良问题,并且可以自动剔除不良品),

2. 加长送纸:节省人工频繁放纸时间


GH-990 High Speed Paper Cup Bowl Machine Parts Brand

Main parts brand 主要部件品牌
(1) All bearings use NSK or similar quality brands;

(2) Linear bearing is HIWIN,

(3) Joint bearing is IKO;

(4) Cam follower is IKO,

(5) PLC, servo motor & main electrical is DELTA;

(6) The ordinary motor is WANSHSIN,

(7) The ceramic hot air is WELLRE, with its own temperature protection system,

(8) All pneumatic components adopt SMC or similar brands,

(9) All bolts are 12.9 grade high strength bolts,

1. 所有轴承均采用NSK或同类品牌;

2. 直线轴承品牌为上银(HIWIN);

3. 关节轴承品牌为IKO;

4. 凸轮从动器品牌为IKO。

5. PLC、伺服电机与主要电气元件品牌为台达(DELTA);

6. 普通电机品牌为万鑫(WANSHSIN)。

7. 加热器品牌为WELLRE,自带温度保护控制系统。

8. 所有气动元件均采用SMC或同类品牌。

9. 所有螺栓均为12.9级高强度螺栓


GH-990 High Speed Paper Cup Bowl Machine Advanced

Leading Technology 领先技术
(1) Front rotary arm & linear guide paper feeding system, make the frame totally covered, keep the machine inside moving gear/cam/drive clean and oil from pollution.

(2) Box-type half-closed cylindrical cam drive: All cams are precision ground by 20CrMnTi CNC machining.

(3) Uninterrupted overall spray lubrication system.

(4) All-gear drive (stable and reliable ),

(5) Integral rack design.

1. 前段旋转拐臂结合直线导轨送纸系统:优点在于密封式机架,使机油免除污染。

2. 箱体式半封闭圆柱凸轮驱动:所有凸轮采用20CrMnTi数控加工后精磨。

3. 不间断整体喷淋润滑系统。

4. 全齿轮驱动。

5. 整体式机架设计。

Work flow:

Cup fan stocks >> side pre-heating (up/down hot air) >> ultrasonic welding >> cup cone forming >> bottom paper disc auto punched to mold >> insert the cone to cup main mold >> bottom heating 1 >> bottom heating 2 >> bottom lubricate > > bottom pre-folding >> Bottom knurling >> Top rim silicone lubrication >> rim first curling >> rim second curling >> (Option, camera detect, rejection ) >> count & collect.


扇形片 >> 侧封上下热风 >> 超声波封合 >> 杯筒成型 >> 底纸冲裁成型 >> 上锥体模具 >> 底部加热 1 >> 底部加热 2  >> 底部抹油 >> 折底成型 >> 滚花成型 >> 口部抹油 >> 一次卷口 >> 二次卷口 >> 集中收杯

GH-990 High Speed Paper Cup Bowl Machine Picture

high speed paper cup bowl making machine

high speed paper cup bowl making machine


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