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PLA Coated Paper Lid Machine For Coffee Cup

  • make PLA paper cup lids,
  • make PLA paper bowl lids,
  • speed:50~100 pcs/minute,
  • material: PE/PLA coated paper,
  • Feed roll paper, full automatic,
  • Paper lid one layer, cheap cost,

Paper Lid Making Machine PL-145 Video

Video list on youtube: PLA Paper Lid Making Machine PL-145

PLA Paper Lid Machine PL-145 Picture

paper lid making machine,paper cup lid machine

PLA Paper Lid Machine PL-145 Specification

  • PL-145 paper lid machine is our patent machine, which make paper lid, paper cover.
  • It’s an automatic machine with the functions:
  • Automatic roll paper feed, creasing (make the forming guide line), emboss (can make emboss, logo), cross cut (make hole for straw), punching (punch the roll paper to lid open disc), auto feed disc to mold, heating, folding, knurling, and discharge,With convey and counter for collection.

PLA Paper Lid Machine Main technician:

  • 1, Suitable paper: One & Two side PE coated paper, glossy coated paper.
  • 2, Paper weight: 250~350 gsm
  • 3, Lid size: Diameter 55~145 mm
  • 4, Lid height: 8~15 mm
  • 5, Speed: 70~100 pcs/minute
  • 6, Power Source: AC380V 3-phase, 50Hz,
  • 7, Total power: 10KW,
  • 8, Weight: 2500KG
  • 9, Machine size: 3000*1200*1650,
  • 10, Air requirement: Consumption 0.3 cubic meter/minute, Pressure:0.4MPa,

PLA Paper Lid Machine PL-145 Advantage

  • Patent equipment, high speed.
  • Feed roll paper,
  • Auto creasing(guide line),
  • Auto emboss (logo and shape on lid top, also make cross cut),
  • Auto punching(cut roll paper to lid disc),
  • Lid made by one paper disc, save cost.
  • PLC control + servo motor feed paper
  • Open cam + shaft + cam + gear control movement, stable and reliable.

Paper Lid Advantage:

  • # One layer lid, cost cheap,
  • # full automatic, easy operation,
  • # can choose center cross cut or not, make lid for cold & normal drink,
  • # with paper shape lock, little prevent water leak,
  • # ECO friendly, use paper material, all world plastic control or banned, will be great market,
  • # Easy print beautiful artwork on paper than plastic lid,

Paper Lid Shortage compare with Plastic lid:

  • # Paper lid can not lock tightly like plastic lid,
  • # Paper lid can not make drink nozzle like plastic lid,
  • # Paper lid can not be reused as plastic lid, almost one time use,
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